Olivia Hyohyeon Kim
 I was born in 1990 and grew up in Seoul, Korea.
I´m currently studying and pursuing a double major degree in Law and Graphic Design
at Myong-ji University. In addition I´m passionate about visual communication.
I'm in my final year and will be graduating in July 2014.

 From the start, I have always wanted to work in the public service.
My past experience included being the managing editor for the 40th College of Law Student Council and the 39th Myong-ji University Student Council.
I made various printouts such as poster, placard, banner and promotion materials with graphic design software.
I think I was drawn to graphic design because for me, it´s always been the most immediate form of visual communication,
and my interest in it sill runs very deep.

 However, from 2012, I have been spending more time telling my own visual narrative
through Microsoft Student Partners (MSP) activity that was the only chance to show off my graphic design ability.
The designer in MSP is primary role in the team project. So I participated in several team projects as a designer.

 One of the most exciting projects I worked last year was "Let´s go! Bobtori".
Jongmyung Jung, a developer in MSP, and I set a goal of winning WOWZAPP.
We made a simple game of high quality. And finally our efforts were paid off when we received the top prize for it.
This experience allowed me to expand my interest in User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI).
I have always enjoyed creating something new with graphic design software.
This area of creative thinking is one I find increasingly relevant and exciting,
and I want to develop my interest abilities through freelance work and internship.

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